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Some Anon requested BroMom in Disneyland.
Bro would visit the place in search of some Jim Henson tribute! I guess…
Mouse is fucking everywhere! This is puppet territory, so fuck off!
(Next week they visited WarnerBros studio so Mom could see the Harry Potter making of.)

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killthepastshootthefuture said: 
"Bromom! Posing like a team with their weapons. I always wanted a pic of them getting on tag action!"
Perfect request that I could never refuse!
The background looks so shitty bleh…

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Hey! Now that I’ve more free time ( Ovation for the summer holidays pls  )
I would like to practice more, so If you have any request, specially if it envolves Striders and Lalondes ( :333 )  I will be glad to draw them for you!
You can request something that isn’t related to Homestuck too, but I’m afraid nobody is gonna do that >.>;;
Anyways have fun! And happy summer!!  

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Anonymous Asked: "What other pairings do you like??? If you don't mind me asking."

There is a large list of pairings that I like besides the obvious, (no matter the sex or if the characters are related )
But my favourites are Mituna+Latula and Karkat+Terezi, (Its so random, I know XDD).  


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Anonymous Asked: "why do you ship mombro when momdad is canon? hmhmhm."

Thanks for asking! There are a few reasons about why BroMom is my OTP, even if it’s not showed as “canon” in the comic.

-First of all, because Bro Strider and Mom Lalonde are Dave and Rose’s genetic parents. 
Without the combination of their DNA through the Ectobiology, those kids would have never exist, and one rule of the Ectobiology is that those DNA must have been combined in a real timeline, or it would never work. That’s why their DNA are compatible and Jhon is able to create the beta babies. 
- Because…it’s true that Mom Lalonde and Dad Egbert are showed to have a short  romance, it doesn’t bother me, I actually like it, but my OTP goes always first. 
- Because there are so many details and connections that are almost hidden, and make me ship it stronger, but you must find them, I challenge you ;P. The fact that Hussie hasn’t showed something doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, and all the mystery just make it more fun to me.
-Because I love them together so much. The idea of an elegant and sophisticated mom who is also a scientist and a wizzard books writter, loving a totally crazy dude who has an obsession with puppets and cool stuff, is just so ironic and…I donno, perfect! They are aparently so different but they are true fighters.
-Because why not? There are thousands of people that ships Bro with Jhon, ( for example)  I mean, woah…I’m not saying that that pairing can’t be canon, this is Homestuck and there are infinite timelines that make every ship possible but…I’m not really sure that it will appear in the comic ( or yes I donno, Hussie is full of… Hussiness ) XDDDD. 
- By the way you should check this precious perfect and absolutly NOT FAKE picture that Hussie drew a long time ago and that makes me love BroMom more and more, even if it’s just a random sketch that has anything to do with the canonical stuff.
  GAH look at them!!
They are my heroes!! 
(Also I’m sorry for my shitty english!!)

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Lil “sis”
Bro Strider with baby Rose Lalonde.
By sis I mean daughter, of course..
( Mom with baby Dave version here )

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lapris Asked: "im in love with this blog so much dirkroxy/bromom im cry"

Must hug you and cry with you.

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Sexy times yo.
Really quick doodle that sux so much, but I needed it in my life anyways.
If you wonder why Cal was necessary, its cause Cal is always necessary.

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Proud of her little hero.

Babbu Davey looks like a babbu burger lol.
Well I tried n_n.
( Bro with baby Rose version here )

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mamalalonde Asked: "Thank you so much for BroMom art. Thank you. thANK YOU."

No, no, thank YOU for liking Bromom that much! nun

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" Good job, doll "
" Nice battle, mommy’s sweetheart ; ) *

Since they both know martial arts I love the idea that they used to do their training together! 
Those cool parents omg.

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Anonymous Asked: "I need moreeee BroMom :'( :'("

Oh my…How could I let this happen??
I will give you what we both want. 

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She is my goddess .

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I was listening this album and felt like drawing Calliope. nun 

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Dat Bro yo
I made a shitty collage. 
Mom Lalonde follows the magazine because the glory Bro writting random articles. Sometimes about something cooler than videogames: his own life. Meanwhile kids get their videogame dreams crashed.
( I wonder if that guy ever readed Homestuck,)

Feel the glory here.